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All-On-4® Dental Implants
Houston, TX

If you are wearing dentures or seeking information about dentures, the All-On-4® Treatment Concept may be right for you. Using an implant retained system, the All-On-4® Treatment Concept permanently and securely attaches your denture device firmly in place. At University Periodontal Associates in Houston, TX, our team, including Dr. Dennison, can evaluate your oral health and show you what a difference the All-On-4® Treatment Concept can make.

Implant anchored dentures are a significantly different approach from traditional dentures. They function and feel more like your natural teeth, less like dentures. Traditional dentures provide very limited function and tons of frustration. Patients who wear traditional dentures are in constant awareness of their device, they are forced to take their denture into consideration when they eat, when they speak, and how they care for the device at night.

Implant-supported dentures provide our Houston patients the gift of forgetting about them. You can chew your regular diet and never have to worry about them rocking, shifting, or coming out. You still have to care for your implant anchored dentures, but you care for them the same way you did your natural teeth with regular brushing and flossing.

Dental Implants & All-On-4® Candidates

An ideal All-On-4® Treatment Concept candidate, is a patient who:
•  Has lost all of their teeth and needs dentures.
•  Has lost all of their teeth and is already wearing dentures.
•  Still has teeth, but the remaining teeth are unhealthy, and a dentist has recommended removal.

You can get dental implants quickly and easily at our Houston, TX office. In most dental implant procedures, the process can take months, even up to a year. The All-On-4® Treatment Concept is different. We can anchor your denture, secured with implants in one day. Known as the Teeth in a Day system, this process uses longer implants, designed to capture thicker bone, allowing us to complete the process in one day. This minimally invasive procedure is ideal for most of our patients, even those who are more medically fragile. Take advantage of this modern technological advantage and permanently replace your teeth, even if you have already been wearing dentures for years.

Same-Day Implant-Retained Dentures

The unique All-On-4® Treatment Concept system provides stability to your denture device by placing dental implants. There is no need for prior work, no bone graft needed, and any necessary extractions can be done as part of the surgical process all at the same time. The All-On-4® Treatment Concept provides our patients with a full set of teeth that are permanently stabilized in place all in one day. Following this minimally invasive procedure, you will be able to go home with fully functional teeth. You will need to use caution in the beginning, but very quickly, you will have teeth that look and feel natural. The recovery time is minimal and approved for medically fragile patients.

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The All-On-4® Treatment Concept Process

Diagram rendering of All-On-4 implants at University Periodontal Associates.At University Periodontal Associates, we can restore your smile, without the wait. The All-On-4® Treatment Concept surgery is done all in one visit. The first step is to review your medical health information. The ability to properly heal is an important step in this procedure. Certain medical conditions such as diabetes and certain medications can slow the healing process. Healing issues does not eliminate you as a candidate, but we may need to discuss adjustments in medication or care with your physician before treatment. Another condition that inhibits the ability to heal is smoking tobacco. Again, smoking does not eliminate you as a candidate, but we will need to set a period that you can not smoke around the surgery process. The implant process requires not only soft tissue healing but bone healing. Patients who can not heal timely may experience implant failure. We want to eliminate this possibility before placement.

Another factor we consider before surgery is the health of your gums. We do not want to perform surgery when infection is already present. We may need to take the time to remove the infection and restore the health of your gums before treatment.

Dr. Dennison begins treatment with a 3D scan, allowing us to view your entire oral cavity as a 3D virtual model. This image allows us to customize your implant procedure by identifying the precise position for implant placement. The 3D image will help us understand the anatomical structure of your jaw, the health of your bone, and the best places for the implants to be stable. We will create a precise map for your implants before placement.

The surgical process is a minimally-invasive surgery. We perform most implant procedures in our office with the use of a local anesthetic. In some situations, a patient may require conscious sedation, and in very rare instances we may make arrangements for unconscious sedation. Dr. Dennison will review your options with you and make recommendations based on your individualized needs. The surgical process takes about one hour. Dr. Dennison open the tissue, exposing the bone beneath. The Dr. Dennison will use a specialized drill to create the space in the bone to place the implants. Most patients receive between 4 and six implants to retain their denture on each arch. Once the implants are in place, the area is sutured closed. Dr. Dennison may choose to apply PRP, platelet-rich plasma, and PRF, platelet-rich fibrin to assist in the healing process.

After the All-On-4® Treatment Concept Procedure

Following surgery, the patient will need to take certain precautions that we will discuss with you. We will caution you to be aware of any symptoms that seem out of the ordinary and to eat soft foods while the bone is healing. Most patients find the healing process to be easy.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

If you have questions about the implant retained dentures using the All-On-4® Treatment Concept, we would love to meet with you at our Houston, TX office. This implant retained system has made wearing dentures a much more comfortable option. To schedule an appointment, contact our Houston office at University Periodontal Associates by calling: (832) 975-0990.
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